Chief Delphi is your source for everything FIRST related. They are FIRST team 45, and they maintain a detailed website that is the go to place for hundreds of other teams.
This is the FIRST official website. Here you can find FIRST's various programs, scholarships, and much more.
McMaster is a website selling various products for everything from adhesives to electrical wiring that we frequent to find most of our parts.,com_salesrep/action,showrep/Itemid,193/rid,129/zid,14/zone,India/
Luminary Micro is a part of Texas Instruments, and it is where we purchase our Jaguars.
National Instruments is another company that sells many of the parts required for FIRST competitions. This is where we get our cRIO.
AndyMark sells multiple types of wheel, ranging from tank treads to mechanum wheels, and they also carry many of the motors, controllers, and gearboxes that FIRST teams use.
We purchase all of our pneumatic equipment from these two websites.
We buy most of our aluminum rods and parts from 80/20.
Ace Hardware is an easily accessible store where we can go when we need a quick part to solve a problem.