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1/25/12 - 1/27/12

posted Jan 30, 2012, 8:57 PM by Abram Nothnagle
We have built and tested an new bridge lowering mechanism. It's basically a ramp attached to the robot, but it's dimensions are what make it work perfectly. In testing, the robot could lower the bridge at any speed from any angle, all without any moving parts. This will likely be the design that we use on the competition robot.
The bumpers have been completed. This year we're only covering the corners of the robot, hopefully this will give us more to work with.
The prototype shooter is being rebuilt. Everything is being realigned to more precise dimensions, but we're experiencing trouble with chain. CHAIN!!!
The electrical tote has been reorganized and cardboard cut-outs of the various electrical components have been created. The idea is to make a model of the wiring for this years robot before we actually build the real thing.
A group is still working on the picking mechanism. They've gotten well through the design phase, and should have a final design soon.

For now things are going well, our prototypes are performing surprisingly well for how makeshift they are, things are looking up.