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posted Jan 25, 2012, 8:09 PM by Abram Nothnagle
Today we finally decided on a shooter design. After a heated debate between the catapult design and the roller design, the rollers finally pulled through. The biggest reason for not using the catapult was the amount of motion it has. A catapult could potentially damage the robot, get caught on things, and mis-align itself.
Ernest, last year's robot, wasn't working at the start of the meeting, it couldn't connect to any of the computers. After much fiddling, however, it was finally made operational and was taken for driving practice.
Harvey is now being dismantled. Today we took out several of the rollers from the conveyor belt to salvage them for their plastic caps. Reportedly, each cap would have cost $3 if we were going to acquire new ones.
Much of the meeting was spent designing. After we decided on the dual roller shooter, we continued on with brainstorming about the picker design. Now that we know how we're going to shoot the balls, we can start working on a hopper and picker to fit.