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posted Jan 22, 2012, 12:03 PM by Abram Nothnagle
We've decided to begin building a chassis for this years robot. It's necessary to have something to build on, we're getting to the point where we'll want to start working on the robot itself. We basically just took the test chassis that we've had for a while and altered it slightly to accommodate the mecanum wheels and size requirements.
The problem with last years robot has been fixed. It turns out that the last possible configuration for the robot was the one that fixed the light. Long story short, we now have two functioning robots.
Today we got people back into the cafeteria to drive the robot again. We used the robot from two years ago while the programmers worked on last years bot. Much of the time was spent letting people experiment with driving, but we eventually tested out a prototype for lowering the bridge (which has been completed). In the test, the wheel on a board design managed to lower the bridge, and the robot could successfully climb up on it at half power. We should have no trouble crossing the bridge, assuming we can implement the lowering mechanism.
The camera that we will be using for targeting has been outfitted with a ring of green LEDs and tested on the vision target. The results are astounding. The vision target lights up like a TV screen, and the LEDs don't get in the way of vision. The pivoting mount for the camera was also assembled while the camera was being tested. Now all we need is the turret and we can theoretically start testing aiming.