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posted Jan 16, 2012, 5:35 PM by Abram Nothnagle
The two wheel shooter prototype is up and running. We managed to do a couple test shots, and the contraption was fairly accurate. The majority of the balls missed the hoop, but that was likely due to human error given that the entire prototype was being run by people as opposed to the robot itself.
The replica field bump has been completed, and a wedge was attached to the front of last years robot to allow it to climb over. The robot is capable of making it up onto the bump, but because of low clearance, the bottom of the robot gets stuck. This problem will be easily remedied by simply adding more ground clearance or by putting an extra wheel somewhere convenient.
We broke out the Kinect today as well, and started messing around with it. Mostly we were just testing to see what it could do, we likely won't put it on the robot because of potential interference.
The basketball hoop that Zach Swanson so generously lent us has been outfitted with the vision target that will be present during the competition. The plan so far is to use a camera for the automated turret, so hopefully this vision target will be useful for prototyping.
A couple members took some time out of the meeting to create a generalized equation for aiming the turret on the robot, but so far their results are questionable. Luckily, a general equation has already been made, in case the student run equation fails.
The prototype for the single wheel shooter has been started, but it is not yet finished.
Overall, the meeting was quite successful, and we had a sizable turnout. This year is going well so far.