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Git Merging

posted Jan 21, 2012, 3:07 PM by Nick Lorch
So I know today we ran into a merging / conflict issue. Did some quick googling and here is the way to find out if you have a usable merge tool on your system.

1)  Open a git bash and type:
    git mergetool

2) you should see an output of merge tool candidates.  On my computer, I had tortoisemerge (b/c I have tortois svn installed        from before), emerge and vimdiff.

3) run each of these in the git bash until you find one that works.  (emerge and vimdiff did not work on my system).

4) when you need to merge something from a conflict, call:
  git mergetool -t [your working merge tool name]

If you don't have any files to merge it will report" No files need merging"