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posted Jan 13, 2012, 6:41 AM by Nick Lorch
Well I'd have to say things started working a lot better today than they did on 1/10/12.  I rewrote the 2010 code library so that it is understandable and compatible with the 2012 WPILib library and cRIO images.  We got the kinect out of the box and working on a few computers!  We got the Jaguars flashed with the v100 firmware.  The combination of those things seemed to make Stevie more responsive.  We also got the new cRIO II's imaged.

In addition, Asya started imaging the 2011 robot (I forget it's name).  So hopefully by next week or so we should have 2 driving robots!  Other things coming up:  
  • We need to figure out what software tasks we want to accomplish this year.
  • Finish getting everyone's laptops setup for code dev.
  • Setup the new driver station!
  • Start thinking about autonomous mode
  • Figure out what sensors we have available and what tasks we want them to complete.
  • Start documenting!!!  I want to create a flow chart of what the robot does and how.
I think that's it.  I hope to see more blog posts from the programmers here sooner or later :)  See you Sunday.