About FRC

    FIRST is an organization dedicated to the advancement of science and technology in young people.

    Each year, FIRST holds a high-school level competition known as the FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC.

    FRC starts with a period of fundraising up until the month of January, at which point "The Game" is released.  The Game is the challenge of the year-- it is what each team has to build their robot to do.  Robots will compete to score points under the Game's rules at competitions throughout the country.

Last year's game animation:

    The kick-off in January is followed by a six-week build season.  This is the short period of time each team has to design, build, and program their robot.  At the end of the six weeks, each robot is packed away, only to be unveiled at competition.

    As simple as it sounds, this competition is quite a process.  The six-week build season is one of the most stressful, busy, and fulfilling time for members of the team.  We hope to come out in the end with just one thing:  a working robot.